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Being productive enables us to achieve more, while also having more time for other things we love.

It is not as simple as doing everything as efficiently as possible. Sometimes it’s important to step back and ask what to do and why.

I’m passionate about improving healthcare. This starts with educating the next generation of doctors.

I have written some posts aimed at helping medical students excel in all different areas of medical school life.

I believe we should all be striving to learn and improve everyday (and not just in the ‘visualise your goals and achieve them’ sense).

Doing so is beneficial to us personally and helps us contribute to the lives of those around us.

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See Best Articles

The Modern Medical Student Manual

I’ve written a book that lays out a roadmap for acing exams while studying less, finding deeper levels of enjoyment in work and setting yourself up to have a big positive impact on the medical field.

Brilliant! Inspired me to make the most of my time in med school and has given me the tools to do so. The author’s way of combining his own experiences as a med student with the ideas of lots of smart people to produce advice that’s easy to implement in everyday life is super useful.

Eveliina Ilola, Medical Student, Kings College London

This book addresses so many aspects of the medical school journey, and had it been available back when I started, it would have been incredibly valuable. The book offers some very refreshing and innovative approaches to learning, but also some great tips on truly making the most of the professional experience, over and above excelling at the basic medical degree.

Vignesh Vetrievel, Cambridge Medical Graduate and Strategy Consultant

Great book, would highly recommend to others. Perfect for anyone thinking about or currently studying medicine who wants to succeed at medical school and make a difference.

Ali Abdaal, Founder of 6med

There is definitely a gap in the market which this fills nicely… very readable and thought-provoking.


I am an aspiring medical student, and this book gave me a detailed insight into my possible future, and enabled me to justify my hard work and sacrifices. It is expertly crafted, supplying all the knowledge an aspiring medical student needs to have. I would recommend this to anyone considering medicine, as I feel I will be re-reading this masterpiece for years to come.

The author combines practical advice with wide reading and opinions from others to create a book that is enjoyable to read and should contain some useful information for nearly anyone starting a medical degree.

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The Future Doctors

Some colleagues and I are building a network of doctors ambitious about changing healthcare.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, join us.

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