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Learn faster, find fulfilling work and make your mark in medicine.

In The Modern Medical Student Manual, Chris Lovejoy presents a new and unique perspective on how medical students can succeed in the 21st century.

He combines deep cross-discipline insights with his own personal experiences and those of students who have excelled in a wide range of domains; from coming top in Cambridge University medical exams to excelling in teaching and from winning essay prizes to combining Medicine with the arts at the highest level.

With great succinctness and clarity, he lays out a roadmap for acing exams while studying less, finding the ever-elusive ‘work-life balance’ and setting yourself up to have a big positive impact on the medical field.

In this far-reaching book, you will learn:

  • Two powerful techniques for finding the optimum balance between work and play.
  • The core science-backed learning principles for performing better while studying less.
  • How to utilise techniques of world-class performers to excel in diagnostic skills.
  • Four guiding principles for making the most of time spent on the wards.
  • The best approach to scientific research as a student and a method for generating great research ideas.
  • The challenges of communication in healthcare and how to prepare as a student.
  • How to go from struggling to write essays to winning essay prizes.
  • How to create a competitive medical CV through doing things you enjoy.
  • Five techniques for pulling yourself out of a low mood when medicine or life gets you down.
  • A step-by-step approach to take if you question whether medicine is really right for you.
  • How to maximise the positive impact of your medical career and find a career path you love.
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Brilliant! Inspired me to make the most of my time in med school and has given me the tools to do so. The author’s way of combining his own experiences as a med student with the ideas of lots of smart people to produce advice that’s easy to implement in everyday life is super useful.

Eveliina Ilola, Medical Student, Kings College London

This book addresses so many aspects of the medical school journey, and had it been available back when I started, it would have been incredibly valuable. The book offers some very refreshing and innovative approaches to learning, but also some great tips on truly making the most of the professional experience, over and above excelling at the basic medical degree.

Vignesh Vetrievel, Cambridge Medical Graduate and Strategy Consultant

Great book, would highly recommend to others. Perfect for anyone thinking about or currently studying medicine who wants to succeed at medical school and make a difference.

Ali Abdaal, Founder of 6med

There is definitely a gap in the market which this fills nicely… very readable and thought-provoking.


I am an aspiring medical student, and this book gave me a detailed insight into my possible future, and enabled me to justify my hard work and sacrifices. It is expertly crafted, supplying all the knowledge an aspiring medical student needs to have. I would recommend this to anyone considering medicine, as I feel I will be re-reading this masterpiece for years to come.

The author combines practical advice with wide reading and opinions from others to create a book that is enjoyable to read and should contain some useful information for nearly anyone starting a medical degree.

Enjoyed the Book?


Chapter 1: Medicine from Fifty Thousand Feet: Perspective, Targets and Limits

This chapter shares my toughest medical school experience and outlines two powerful techniques for finding the optimum balance between work and play.

Chapter 2: The Fundamentals of Fast Learning

This chapter draws on interviews of top-performing Cambridge University students, cognitive science research and over five hundred hours of personal teaching experience to outline four fundamental principles for learning faster.

Chapter 3: Mastering Clinical Medicine

This chapter shares four ways to make the most of time on the wards and explains how to use the techniques of world-class performers to hone the skills required for medicine.

Chapter 4: Make your Mark on the Medical Field (and the Power of Self-Education)

This chapter explores how a future doctor can maximise their positive impact, find a career path they love and master their niche. It outlines an effective approach for undertaking high-level self-education in any area, related to medicine or otherwise.

Chapter 5: A Scientific Approach to Research

This chapter explains where most students go wrong with scientific research, the best approach to take and a method for generating great ideas.

Chapter 6: Commanding Clearer Communication

This chapter explores how to develop excellent written and oral communication skills and the benefits of doing so at medical school.

Bonus Chapter: Feeling Down and Questioning If Medicine Is For You

This bonus chapter gives suggestions for dealing with medicine and life when it gets you down and what to do if you’re not sure whether medicine is right for you.

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